For those who are willing to learn and to commit themselves to the process, coaching offers invaluable and measurable benefits. Leadership Intelligence offers coaching that is designed to help individuals and teams achieve desired outcomes, fulfill professional and personal desires, and discover, or rediscover, their passions, interests, and unique talents and abilities, and energize their careers. Coaching is vital in the success of these individuals, as well as the organizations in which they work, and creates both tangible and intangible returns. Leadership Intelligence’s network of professionals provides tailored and effective coaching to meet the diverse needs of clients.

Leadership Intelligence’s contributors are thought leaders and bring current best practices, vast experience, and deep compassion to their coaching engagements. Leadership Intelligence offers one-on-one, shadow, in-situ, career management, return to wellness, as well as group, process, facilitative/work restoration, and team coaching. Whatever challenges your organization is undergoing, whatever improvements or changes you wish to make, whatever objectives you need to achieve, Leadership Intelligence works with you and offers customized coaching solutions to meet your needs.

Our Collective Experience

LII is one of Canada’s leading executive/leadership coaching communities also offering services in the areas of organizational change and development management consulting as well as leadership, management and team development. Our systemic approach helps our clients transform best practice into the ‘right’ practice to create effective and sustainable organizations and leaders. Our work is dedicated to helping our clients achieve sustainable business results by aiding in building change ready leaders and organizational capability and capacity.

Coaching is a profession that combines the best aspects of personal and leadership development, superior communication practices, deeper levels of self-awareness and introspection, experiential learning practices, systems thinking, and team as well as organizational development. Coaching helps the clients discover how they can leverage their personal development to build successful teams, enhance corporate culture and spirit in the workplace, access unknown strengths, address and minimize vulnerabilities, and act as a role model for others all while making sustainable contributions to both individual and organizational performance. Coaching helps a leader “live their legacy” in the present and sustain it long after they are gone… it is more than what is left behind.

Community of Executive/Leadership/Career Management Coaches: LII works with an associate network of certified coaches. LII has an established vetting process and a rigorous induction program for the selection of Associate Coaches in order to create the Leadership Intelligence Coach Community (LICC). Our Coach Community consists of a diverse array of extremely proficient and seasoned professional coaches located throughout Canada – Toronto, Barrie, Muskoka, Ottawa, Kingston, Vancouver and Victoria. These coaches are dedicated to their clients and the coaching profession. LII Coaches are executive, leadership, team or career coach specialists, with consulting expertise in organizational and professional development, team development, change management, performance, mediation, human resources and leadership development. Contractual agreements are in effect that govern the relationship between LII and its Coaches.

LII Principal, Associate, and Assessment Coaches are successful executives in their own right and have had distinguished careers in a wide variety of industries, government agencies, not-for-profits, academic institutions, large multi-national and national corporations, international associations, and entrepreneurial organizations. LII’s Coach Community brings a wealth of strategic thinking and practical execution strategies to client conversations requiring the integration and understanding of complex organizational environments and systems. LII Coaches encourage their clients to explore fact-based decision-making processes combined with systemic solutions to create optimal solutions. By exploring multiple positions and extending the clients ‘thinking diversity’, clients engage and open up to different perceptions, opinions, and are better able to orient, prioritize, learn, and capitalize on emerging opportunities while delivering organizational results.

Additionally, LII engages Assessment Coaches with expertise in: identifying appropriate assessment instruments for client engagements; administering selected assessments; conducting debriefs with Client and Coach on assessment results; and creating customized multi-rater assessments, as well as integrated personalized reports for clients summarizing all assessment findings. The Assessment Coaches are available to support the Client and Coach for the duration of the engagement as the need arises.

Coaching Credentials

The LII Coaches are certified coaches and have attended an International Coach Federation (ICF) recognized institution, and adhere to ICF’s ethical code of conduct. Coaches maintain active coaching practices with executives and leaders; and respect the high standards of confidentiality required by both the ICF and the Canadian Association of Management Consultants (CAMC).

LII Coaches are certified and have been coaching for a minimum of five (5) years. LII is serious about the Coaching Profession and invests in the ongoing development of Associate Coaches, Assessment Coaches, Team Coaches, and Principal Coaches.

Our Coaches’ credentials include:

  • Certified Leadership Coach (CLC), Georgetown University – Washington, DC
  • Adler Trained Coach (ATC), Adler School – Toronto ON
  • Certified Executive Coach (CEC), Royal Roads University – Victoria, BC
  • Executive Certified Coach (ECC), Erickson College International – Vancouver, BC
  • Certified Advanced Coach (CAC), International Coach Academy – Melbourne, AU
  • Coaches Training Institute (CPCC), San Rafael, CA
  • Career Management Fellow (CMF) – Career Professionals International (CPI)
  • Certified Team Coach, Accompli, Washington, DC and Paris, France
  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Master Certified Coach (MCC), International Coach Federation (ICF) and Members in Good Standing
  • Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and Fellow Certified Management Consultant (FCMC) – ICMCO and Members in Good Standing
  • Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) – HRPAO
  • Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioners (B Level Psychometric Assessment), ESSI Systems Inc.
  • EQ at Work, Denver, USA & Institute for Health & Human Potential
  • EQ in Relationships, Learning in Action, Seattle, Wash
  • Certified Systems Theory & Organizational Workshop Practitioners (large scale change interventions), Power & Systems Inc.
  • Certified Leadership Coach (Level 1), Facilitator (Level 2) Practitioner and Master Facilitator/Trainer Legacy Leadership™ System (Level 3), Coachworks International Inc.
  • Certified Facilitator, Energy for Performance & Corporate Athlete Program, Human Performance Institute – Canada
  • Behavioural Science Assessment Certificate, Winslow Research Group
  • Adult Learning Certificates and Program Design – Langevin
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution – Advanced Level & The Law Basically Speaking, University of Windsor
  • Graduates of Women on Boards Certificate (Schulich School of Business) Program
  • Strategic Change Management Certificate (Rotman School of Business)
  • Certified Leadership Circle Assessment
  • Certified Values Online Facilitator
  • Certified Facilitator Rhodes – Thinking Intentions Profile
  • Certified Practitioner Personal Style Assessments and Indicators, Consulting Resources Group International Inc.
  • Certified Practitioner Personality Trait Assessments (B Level Psychometric Assessment) Winslow Group Inc.
  • Practitioner Cultural, Management, Leadership and Group Assessments, Human Synergistics Inc.
  • Our coaches are actively pursuing additional levels of accreditation with ICF
  • Our coaches hold the following post-secondary and graduate degrees: Master of Arts – Psychology, Masters & Bachelors – Business Administration, Masters Science – Organizational Development, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education

Our Clients: LII Coaches are currently engaged in executive and leadership coaching assignments with senior leaders and managers as well as senior and mid-management teams. Our clients include entrepreneurs, CEOs, COOs, Executive Vice Presidents, Boards, as well as strategic talent from mid to front-line management and non-management. Most recently Leadership Intelligence has begun to provide ‘return to work’ and ‘leader/employee’ relationship coaching.

LII’s clients come from all sectors and at this time LII is engaged with the following OPS Ministries:

  • Aboriginal Affairs
  • Agriculture & Rural Affairs
  • Attorney General
  • Auditor General
  • Cabinet Office
  • Children & Youth Services
  • Community & Social Services
  • Corrections & Community Safety
  • Economic Trade & Development
  • Education
  • Elections Ontario
  • Finance & Revenue
  • Government Services
  • Innovation & Research
  • Municipal Affairs & Housing
  • Natural Resources
  • Training, Colleges & Universities
  • Transportation
  • Treasury Board

Clients from the Boarder Public Sector including Public and Government Agencies are:

  • BC Pension Corporation
  • Canada Customs & Revenue Agency
  • CBC
  • Health – St. Joseph’s Health Care, Hamilton Community Care Access Centre
  • Municipalities – City of Fredericton, Simcoe County
  • Education – Toronto and Simcoe County District School Boards, Royal Roads University, Simon Fraser University, Queens University, Georgian College

Additionally, LII clients from the Private and Non-Profit Sectors include:

  • Telecommunications – Rogers Cable, Bell Canada, Telus, Cygnal Corporation, Expertech Network Installations, Canadian Cable Systems Alliance
  • Financial Services – CI Funds, PC Financial, Capital One, CIBC, Evergreen Credit Union, Accerta Servicorp
  • Retail – Herbal Magic, BMW Dealerships
  • Media Communication – Cossette Communications Media
  • Non-Profit – Elizabeth Fry Society Peel/Halton, Mines Action Canada, Yee Hong Geriatric Centre and Foundation