Career Management

Today’s employer is requiring more than simple outplacement contracting; they’re seeking individually geared career service packages that include coaching, assessments, planning and attention to the wellness of the individual going through the career change. Leadership Intelligence provides effective and thoughtful Career Management Services to organizations in three important areas:

Career Direction

Leadership Intelligence provides a comprehensive Career Identity Assessment to help individuals develop awareness of abilities, interests and personality factors that point the way to good career choices. Both the organization and the employee benefit. The employee in increased confidence and career focus while the organization, in better utilization of its most important resource-the untapped potentials of its people.

Career Search

At Leadership Intelligence, we partner with clients to plan and execute an effective career search. This involves supporting clients to develop an effective resume, guiding research in their target market, developing a networking strategy, preparing for and managing the interview and selection process and accepting the offer. Throughout the process we work with the client to maintain positive motivation and focus through the inevitable ups and downs of the search.

The coach introduces the client to “best practice” concepts in resume development and presentation, including how to prepare a dynamic resume that targets the position/role being applied for and ensuring the resume focuses on accomplishments that bring their experience to life.

Career Management

Clients frequently seek coaching to help them maximize their career progression and stay “at the top of their game” in today’s demanding work context.  They may be at an important turning point in their careers, facing a career challenge or regrouping after career disappointment.

Whatever the impetus for seeking support, we always start with an initial consultation to explore the issues, determine objectives and recommend a process customized to meet them.  The work plan typically incorporates assessment to build awareness of strengths and characteristics that can be leveraged in the work context.