Coaching In-Situ

Leadership Intelligence offers in-situ coaching to those executives who are willing to learn and share their development process with others. Coaching actually occurs, with permission, in front of colleagues and subordinates. The client establishes the context for the coaching conversations and invites the coach to coach ‘in the moment.’ The process is entirely permission-based and requires extremely high levels of trust and coaching skill. In-situ coaching is restricted to confident leaders wanting more and seeking direct input on specific behavioural or interaction characteristics; it is a foundational element of Team Coaching as the executive must be open to modeling coaching in the moment.

Personal Style Indicator (PSI)

Would you like a clear way to assess your client’s style and behavioral tendencies? The Personal Style Indicator (PSI) is a powerful communication and learning tool. Discover your client’s personality and how it “fits” in the world around him or her. Determine your clients’ behaviors around tasks so you can be more effective in your work together.