One On One Coaching

Executives, managers, and top decision-makers seek coaching when they need help get to the next level of performance, achieve career aspirations, or are wanting to increase self-awareness and make a shift. What they discover through the process is that the benefits extend beyond these traditional work areas and into a stronger sense of self, more confidence in decisions, greater professional and personal balance, and reduced stress. Leadership Intelligence’s best-in-class coaches act as thinking partners. Objectivity, nonjudgmental support, and confidentiality are cornerstones of every client-coach relationship, freeing clients to begin to shift and change behaviours and achieve their desired outcomes.

Leadership Intelligence’s coaching philosophy is that clients set their own agenda. Coaching work can focus on:

  • Strengthening of executive, leadership, team leadership and management skills.
  • Building and sustaining relationships with peers, stakeholders, clients and direct reports.
  • Developing strategies for resolving interpersonal conflict.
  • Strategic talent management and employer/employee relations.
  • Work-life balance and stress management.
  • Increased awareness in key business areas of political acuity, business acumen, and systems thinking.
  • Career advancement and transition including influence, demonstrating strategic presence, and adjusting to a new role within the first 100 days.
  • Creating and leading resilient and high performance teams.
  • Job satisfaction, engagement, and motivation to increase employee retention and decrease unwanted turnover.
  • Aligning values to achieve higher levels of organizational commitment, productivity, quality, and customer service.

Are you being asked to deliver more and you are wondering how to go about it? Is there a relationship that you are looking to build or one you need to mend? Does your job give you a sense of fulfillment? Are you achieving those goals and dreams that you have set for yourself, your team, your organization? One on one coaching can help you answer “yes,” as well as find the answers to many more questions that you will encounter throughout your journey.