Shadow Coaching

Whether your career is soaring or stagnating, whether you are fulfilled or feeling overwhelmed with work and life, sometimes, the best solution is to hold up a mirror. What is your current level of performance? Are you consciously or unconsciously behaving in a way that supports your goals or in a way that detracts from your accomplishment of them? What are the barriers to your success? Where are the opportunities for growth?

Leadership Intelligence’s coaches can hold up this mirror. At times, executives request to be shadowed for the day, and the coach provides feedback on their performance. Together, the coach and client explore the coach’s real-time observations to gain an in-depth understanding of the behavioural patterns that enhance or undermine performance. The observations and insight are integrated into the client’s coaching agendas and help guide the process as they move towards their desired outcomes.

Personal Style Indicator (PSI)

Would you like a clear way to assess your client’s style and behavioral tendencies? The Personal Style Indicator (PSI) is a powerful communication and learning tool. Discover your client’s personality and how it “fits” in the world around him or her. Determine your clients’ behaviors around tasks so you can be more effective in your work together.