Workplace Restoration: Facilitative Coaching

Facilitative Coaching occurs with or without the leader present and includes two or more members of a group or team experiencing difficulty with workplace relationships, trust building, team synergy, effective communications, accountability/responsibility, commitment, engagement and accomplishments, and workload pressures.

This style of coaching allows the group or team to share observations. The coach offers challenging questions and tasks rather than focusing on traditional facilitation of the group or team’s overall health and effectiveness. The Facilitative Coaching process relies on real time issues, dynamics, conflict, and pressures to stretch and strengthen individual and group competencies and coping mechanisms.

Benefits include:

    • Providing new and honest ways of holding authentic conversations.
    • Building effective norms and behaviours while in a safe atmosphere.
    • Providing common ground for teams and groups and leadership from which to create and champion innovative, healthy solutions for all.
    • Resolving disharmony or disruption caused by constant change, mistrust of leadership, restructuring, budgetary constraint, and/or complex employee relations issues.

Creating a fresh start that allows the individuals involved to move forward rather than remain mired in past histories. They can develop trust, respect, and camaraderie as they set about accomplishing their goals with renewed commitment and personal satisfaction.