Change Management

Today’s leaders face complex competitive conditions, cultural transformations, evolving technologies, globalization, and a contraction of qualified talent on which to build a successful and sustainable business. Added to this are the challenges of increasing employee engagement, reducing employee resistance, improving operating performance, and fostering agility and speed of response during times of uncertainty and change. The ability to adapt and respond to change will ultimately determine an organization’s success or failure.

Our experience in leading, surviving, and thriving in organizations implementing change enables us to anticipate and appreciate how difficult it can be for people to engage in change initiatives. Our comprehensive approach, combined with leader-led facilitative dialogues, dramatically increases people’s willingness and ability to adapt and embrace change. We help people to overcome their natural change resistant thinking and behaviours in a collaborative, positive way.

How Leadership Intelligence can help:

  • Facilitate, partner, and educate leaders to strategically manage change initiatives from inception through to successful implementation.
  • Approach and integrate change initiatives by assessing impacts on corporate strategy, skills, leadership style, technology, structure, processes, and culture.
  • Co-design corporate scorecards to master performance expectation during change projects and to ensure human and financial deliverables are achieved.
  • Conduct change readiness and cultural assessments to gain new insights and inform transformation planning.
  • Coach change sponsors and agents to maximize support of their people and those around the transformation.
  • Lead people in honest feedback sessions to build understanding and commitment to the change initiative and respond to the ‘tough questions’ with honesty and integrity.
  • Observe and intervene when ‘collective harmony’ and ‘discomfort with ambiguity’ start to derail team-based processes by resetting the focus on the ultimate goal.
  • Support people by using a coach approach to build ongoing and continuous ownership, commitment, and resolutions of issues.

Rose M. Patten, Special Advisor to the President and CEO of BMO Financial Group, says, “Strategy is about execution and execution is about people.” People are the key to effective change and in the ultimate success of any organization.