Organizational Intelligence

“Intelligent people when assembled in an organization will tend towards collective stupidity.” – Karl Albrecht, Organizational Intelligence Expert.

This is not due to ill will or a lack of intelligence – far from it. The difference between collective stupidity and collective intelligence is leadership. How can leaders release and utilize the individual and collective wisdom and talents of those within their organizations?

Leadership Intelligence works with clients to explore the habits of the minds that stultify organizations, resulting in costly dysfunctions, and offer ways to free the organization from these learned patterns of non-productive behaviour. By exploring the systemic conditions inherent in all organizations, we provide new avenues to release the human potential and intelligence of your people.

We are certified by Power and Systems to facilitate the Organizational Workshop which is designed to help leaders at all levels understand ‘the organizational system’ and continue to work in partnership and collaboration through the toughest of times.

Organizational/Corporate Culture Review

Organizations that possess a strong, healthy culture have weathered many economic storms. A healthy culture provides a definitive, non-replicable competitive advantage and is the foundation for long-term competitive success. Executives and leaders are increasingly exploring their and their employees’ beliefs, behaviours and assumptions, because of the powerful influence and pressure they exert on the organization’s operations. A robust and healthy culture drives willing, talented people forward and engages them in the organization’s growth, while developing and retaining key resources.

How Leadership Intelligence can help:

  • Benchmark existing cultural beliefs, behaviours and assumptions.
  • Integrate organizational values with work processes to attract, develop and retain key resources and core competencies needed for business success.
  • Conduct organizational health assessments and employee engagement surveys to identify dysfunctions and disconnects.
  • Identify desirable cultural strengths, honour past contributions and successes, and carry them forward through the change, while offloading those traits that are not working.
  • Produce a recommendations report that identifies high leverage interventions designed to produce maximum change in leadership behaviour, human processes, communications channels, etc., based on comprehensive analysis.
  • Apply Appreciative Inquiry processes to discover and create workforce engagement.

Organizational Health and Emotional Wellness

Leadership Intelligence offers companies the unique ability to assess their organizational health as a way of boosting performance and reducing costs associated with absenteeism, prescription drug abuse, and employee turnover. We all know that organizational performance is inexorably linked and ultimately dependent on employee health and wellness.

Leadership Intelligence has established a strategic partnership with Entec Corporation, a leader in the field of organizational health, wellness, and engagement. Entec has developed a robust diagnostic tool by working diligently with experts in leadership behaviour, organizational development and organizational health diagnostics, behavioural sciences, psychiatry, and occupational and environmental health.

Leadership Intelligence, in partnership with Entec, provides its clients with detailed diagnostic information, a comprehensive recommendations report and targeted change management interventions designed to deliver employee wellness and positive organizational results based on comprehensive analysis. We work with clients to clarify and quantify their performance and health objectives and link these directly to desired financial outcomes.