Talent Management Planning

As more and more workplaces strive to become high performance organizations, senior executives are increasingly seeking strategic talent management advice and counsel on how to lead their companies to become “employers of choice.” According to a global study of over 200 senior business executives (High Performance Workforce Study), talent management issues now dominate corporate strategic priorities, putting HR professionals under pressure to meet heightened expectations. The Study revealed 4 of the 5 top organizational priorities are people-oriented:

  • Attracting and retaining skilled staff.
  • Improving workforce performance.
  • Changing leadership and management behaviours.
  • Changing organizational culture and employee attitudes.

At Leadership Intelligence, we can help our clients define effective strategies for leveraging collective workforce performance and integrating non-intrusive and supportive structures and systems that expand, rather contract organizational talent.

Personal Style Indicator (PSI)

Would you like a clear way to assess your client’s style and behavioral tendencies? The Personal Style Indicator (PSI) is a powerful communication and learning tool. Discover your client’s personality and how it “fits” in the world around him or her. Determine your clients’ behaviors around tasks so you can be more effective in your work together.