Our Approach

Our collaborative approach uses consulting best practices, advanced leadership development and coaching methodologies, techniques and tools applied in the service of creating humanistic and humane workplaces where organizations and their members thrive. Our work is dedicated to achieving sustainable business results for our clients.

We practice consulting on the edge of change management and we demonstrate courage, wisdom and compassion to build and sustain trust when collaborating with our clients. We have built our practice on trust-based relationships and cutting edge knowledge. We understand that leading on the edge of change demands a deep abiding respect and belief in people and their ability to create innovative solutions.

Success Doesn’t Just Happen

Thriving in today’s complex business world takes more than superior technology, excellent timing, enhanced products, innovative services and good luck. It demands that we create trusting environments where people fully engage and commit all of their intelligences to daily performance. Teams of people make successful companies, where through collaboration the collective wisdom  far exceeds individual effort. We offer exceptional change management and leadership intelligence services to support your organization’s growth and performance.

Each contributing member of the Leadership Intelligence community is passionate about building true leaders. Legacy Leaders who are equipped to make choices that build a corporate community dedicated to achieving organizational results and a better future.

Employing the Leadership Intelligence Sustainable Change Model, we approach every client relationship with a proven approach for addressing the real issues, developing strategic, customized solutions, and working with clients to achieve positive change. The Leadership Intelligence model ensures that our clients benefit from the perfect “fit” – a consultant, or or team of consultants who are aligned with their values, personality and business need.