Learning Design & Training Consultation

Leadership Intelligence offers design, education and training consultation services that integrate our client’s organizational objectives with existing talent management processes to create systemic solutions for both the organization and its people.

1. Needs Analysis. Using comprehensive needs assessments tools, including surveys, focus groups and structured interviews, Leadership Intelligence identifies key learning priorities and address them with effective training programs.

2. Curriculum Design. We use frameworks that synthesize data on the current situation data with process improvement, requirements for learning, and change initiatives in order to build new capabilities and behaviours. Curricula are based on adult learning principles and are designed to be experiential, to use innovative exercises, and to provide opportunities for collaborative conversation and reflection.

3. Training Programs. Leadership Intelligence provides standard and customized workshops and advanced leadership programs, depending on the needs of the client and organization. We measure the effectiveness of training services using key metrics and behavioural change methodologies to ensure the highest return on investment for the client.

With over twenty years of progressive corporate experience respectively, Leadership Intelligence’s educators and trainers have the insight to understand and respond to client needs, as well as the expertise to deliver effective learning experiences.