Return to Wellness Coaching

This specialized coaching assists individuals dealing with periods of transition due to health-related issues. It provides confidential coaching support to an employee/manager/leader coping with health-related issues while on the job, or potentially returning to work so that they manage their overall wellness for best case outcomes. This coaching service does not circumvent the role of any health care practitioner, union representative and/or employer representative or return to work program and works well in tandem with accommodation strategies.

Examples of this type of wellness/care coaching: individual undergoing medical treatments; pre/post surgery timeframes; chronic disease management. Coaching services are unique to each client and will employ a variety of appropriate coaching techniques.

Examples of goals include:

  • Increased personal awareness regarding wellness, work, energy and time management.
  • Development of a personal strategy for identifying and working effectively with the client’s support network, which may consist of: care team, including health care providers, insurers, employers and others.
  • Support the development of a personal strategy for managing post-treatment symptoms while working and/or considering a return to work program.
  • Acting as a sounding board in the exploration and expansion of options and choices for moving forward.
  • Increased confidence/trust in self and workplace relationships to successfully support improved/continued improvement with own wellness in the workplace.