Readiness Check: Is Your Team Even Ready For Organizational Change?

Written by on July 14, 2014

A leadership team must be aligned in their vision to be capable of pulling in the same direction.

Checks that this alignment is in place can be determined by asking the following four questions:

  1. Does the team have a clear charter?
  2. Can the team clearly articulate what their purpose is?
  3. Is the team clear about their goals and do they understand that by working together, they can meet their objectives more effectively?
  4. Are the roles clearly differentiated? Are team members clear about the decision-making authority of the team leader and of individual members of the team?

Once these questions have been addressed, there should be a significant reduction in inefficiencies and redundancies.

How Does A Team Coach Fit In?

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The hiring of a team coach may help redress any misalignment. The coach may also look at the following areas:

  • Does the team communicate effectively?
  • Is there collaboration?
  • Is there a clear decision making model in place?
  • Do team members understand that not all decisions have to be made by consensus? Often the most capable person can be assigned the decision-making responsibility.

Sometimes the decision may lie ultimately with the leader. Team members know when to be involved and when to give support, even though they might not take part in every decision.

If any of the four alignment checks are out of balance, team coaching is right for your organization.